I can't make a car for some reason

I can’t make a car because the game wont detect that the hinges are connected. I checked the vehicle seat and wont say Hinges are detected. I used a free model, and put the tires again, now it says 3 hinges are detected, again then 2. I don’t know why. If I used the roblox wiki, the one with springs and stuff, it does work. The cars are connected, I used Welds, etc.


The old style of VehicleSeat | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub cars are not that great. When changing how the wheels are attached you have to make sure that the surface of the wheel facing the Part the VehicleSeat is attached to is the one that is a Hinge. You also have to make sure that surface is actually touching the Part.

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Try putting Join Surfaces on when attaching the wheels

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Can you send me a picture, I’m not sure if I understand right now.

I did try that, did not work so I don’t know.

Press Shift + 2 and put the Move interval to 0

The wheel might not be connecting because the distance is off by like 0.01 stud

Did the free model car work properly before you changed it? If not then the car may be the issue.
You have to make sure the Hinge Surface of the wheel is touching the frame of the car and that the frame parts are all welded (connected) to the VehicleSeat.

If you’d like save a file version of the car and send it to me in a personal message and I’ll have a look.

Good idea, trying that soon once I am back.

The car does work, its just with custom code that does not really changes anything, it did work.

Are you using an old Roblox car, with the wheel surfaces set to “Hinge”, or are you using a car with HingeConstraints that make the wheels rotate and a script that makes that happen?
The VehicleSeat only shows HingesDetected with the old setup where you made the surfaces “Hinge” and attached them to the car. That way the 2 left wheels would spin forward and the 2 right wheels would spin backward when you pressed D without having a script in-game to make it do that.
You say the car works, so I’m guessing you aren’t using the old system. Just ignore the HingesDetected value.

It uses Hinges with surfaces, it does annoy me.

Like I said, make a copy of your car and send it to me. I’ll have a look.