I cant modify a selected object (plugin creation)

Hi, I am having problems with my plugin, I can’t figure out how to do anything with the parts i have selected on my plugin, here is a section of the code:

while  wait(1) do
 current = selection:Get()
		for i, v in ipairs(current) do
	 	local convertedString = tostring(current[i])
	 	SelectedPart.Text = "Part: ".. convertedString

Everything here but current:Destroy() works perfectly, i know that current is a array but I don’t know how I should get the object selected instead of a string array.

Any help would be extremely appreciated, thanks.

note: selection is from local selection = game:GetService("Selection")

current is a table of Instance. Destroy is a method of a single instance. You can only call Destroy on an instance – not a table. You will need to iterate through every instance in the table and destroy each one.


Yeah i knew that after i revised the script carefully, but how can I do that?

Just found out the awnser!
I had to make another variable which unpacks current and then can be destroyed
also i was wrong about selection being a string table, it is really an instance table:
local ctable = unpack(current)

This will only get the first unpacked item. If you’re selecting multiple things, you would have to loop through current and destroy each one.

You could also catch the returns in an array, which is probably what OP meant to do.

local ctable = {unpack(current)}

I was really looking to select only one object, thanks tho