I can't post feature request

I can’t post feature request (#platform-feedback:engine-features) and in devForum rules is, that new members can post features same as bugs(I can post bugs, only features no).

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I’ve quoted the official post approval procedure below, as stated in the official forum rules.

In some categories, a New Topic button will appear when you can’t actually post there (the system will just put it in bulletin board and message post approval for you) so you can skip the first two steps of post approval for most categories.


I want to make a new request or a reply, but it won’t let me!

If you are a New Member, you need to use the post approval procedure to have your topic or reply moved to this category.

See: Post Approval Procedure in the Rules


As explained in the above post. Please use Post Approval. Learn more @ Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

If you’re not sure, refer to the pin in that category.


How do you think I made this report.
I am saying, that it isn’t working like bug reports( that are redirecting to post approval), but I can’t make post using post approval.

Let’s clarify a bit further
A) Can you post to #bulletin-board?
B) Can you message the Post Approval team?

Feature requests are different than bug reports. Go through post approval

Ok this is what I did not try, but bug reports redirect me and feature request not, this is still bug

Ah I understand.

As explained in About the Platform Feedback category

  • New Members cannot create topics on their own, but can reply to bug reports and developer hub topics.

This may be where the confusion is at. If there is a feature request, you need to use Post Approval to reply to those threads. I’ve also gone and verified with a few new members to make sure it’s fine.

Example: Engine requests

  • New Members cannot create nor reply to topics on their own.


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Ok, but when I post bug, I go to bug category and click create topic, and dev forums automatically post it to #bulletin-board and contact post approval.
When I post feature request and I click create new topic, it does nothing.

Not all categories have it set up. In the case of feature requests, follow the full post approval process as stated in the rules.

I tried it again, I went to #platform-feedback:engine-features and clicked create new topic, nothing. I went to #platform-feedback:engine-bugs and clicked create new topic. It showed me same create new topic input like when I do this in #development-support:scripting-support. Again I went to #platform-feedback:engine-features and again nothing.

Please read what has already been sent to you above and don’t skim over it. Thanks!

I understand this, but it is at least user unfriendly. And don’t answer again with 15.1, I know roblox rules very well. But pls answer what is reason for this difference between similar things (#platform-feedback:engine-bugs will contact post approval automatically and #platform-feedback:engine-features NOT)

Because forum limitations don’t let us do the same for the feature request categories because of differing permissions compared to the bug report categories. We’re working on it.

I can’t post a future request either, even though I’ve been using DevForum since 2020 and I’m active, I’m on atleast 2-7 days a week.