I can't publish anything to roblox

Hello so i was starting to make an new model for my game and when i tried to publish it on roblox it kept creating auto recovery save ( but it doesnt create anything actually) instead of opening the submit window (it also keep doing this since im on my new pc.) anyone have this issue and if yes do you have an solution for this please ?

Are you sure you’re pressing the publish button?

Look in the top-right of Studio and check for the icon connection status icon:
It should show in green, but I have had it flicking to Red today due to connection issues

it doesnt show the green or red circle and yes im sure im using
the right button…

and when i try to test any of my games it says : cannot load published place sorry this place could not be loaded . Details " No verified patch could be loaded .

Nevermind i figured it out i just turned off the auto-saves and everything seems to work now . Thanks for your help !