I can't read the news tab!

I can access the news tab, but when I try to click on the sponsored link given, I am redirected back to the home page.

I believe that this is because I do not live in the US. Maybe the country we select in settings could have an effect on whether we can view the news or not, in a future update?

Changed my country to US. Still has the same issue.

Yeah, ROBLOX should really use the country selector to their advantage.

This is the link I cannot open https://www.roblox.com/sponsored/PostCreateAndPlayPartFour

That just goes to the home page.

Exactly. You are getting the same problem as us.

It’s because we’re too old for the sponsored event and they don’t want to alienate us

Try opening it in an incognito window if you really want to see it.

By the way, that is still a bug because if they didn’t want us to know, they should hide the news message altogether. This is just ugly the way it is right now, that the link randomly takes you back to the home page.

Someone said that it was on the country you are based in on ATR. Never listen to ATR.

Thank you

Are you sure it wasn’t an issue that was just fixed?

While I’m logged into an account with my birthyear of 1996, I can open the page just fine.

Nope not fixed, not sure what the deal is then

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