I cant set viewport frames camera

i cant set the camera postion with a cframe

literally started learning cframes like a half hour ago but I ran into a similar* problem. If you are just trying to put the camera in a fixed position separate from instances and stuff like that, then you need to use the CameraType “Scriptable”.
Helpful documentation: Camera | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
Specifically the part on CFrames

im trying to set the position from a Cframe value instance, i also do i have the type as scriptable

I also printed out the camera Cframe and the CFrame value and they matched? but for some reason the camera still didnt move

so you have a cframe value and want to set only the camereas position to the value??

camera.CFrame = CFrame.new(cfValue.Position)

try that if that’s what you mean

turns out what i was doing was working, but theres another really complicated to explain issue im trying to fix…

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