I can't zoom in or out on the Windows 10 App in some games

I can’t zoom in or out on the Windows 10 App on some games like natural disaster survival and Welcome to Bloxburg , I don’t know if it’s just my mouse or if it’s happening to other people, but I can’t zoom in or out without pressing [I] or [O] on my keyboard, or is it just a glitch on the game developers end?

The bug started happening I think after Christmas, I have a Bakth Model Q7 gaming mouse if that helps.

Scrolling is broken on the default Baseplate, Bloxburg, Ninja Legends and Meepcity, and some other games aswell. I’ll soon provide a video and possibly more info if that helps.


The bug seems to be fixed now as of today! I think it was the old player list that was preventing me to scroll on the app.


My nephews were having this problem too. I wasn’t sure how to fix it. They were using some wireless Logitech mouse on a laptop. They switched to using the normal installed client instead of the Windows 10 app.

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I have the problem, that as developer, when i need to test more clients, i must use the app.