I created a game that I need to parent to existing start place

I created a game that I need to be a “place” of an existing start place, not realizing that Roblox removed the option to change your start place. Now, I’m unable to figure out how to make this game part of my existing game. I know how to go into my start place and “add a place”, creating a new, blank place, but then how do I load all the work I’ve already done into that new place? If I try to add a place from “configure experience” it gives me a selection of published games that I don’t get to choose from because they’re all start places. Is there a way to publish it as NOT a start place? If I save it to my computer then try to publish it as an existing place, it doesn’t give me the option to publish it as a place of a start place. Any help would be awesome.


click file and publish to roblox as
select the game and overwrite

Go onto the game with the work on it, then click file, then save as, then click update existing game, and click the blank game, then click overwrite.

Oh my, I knew I was probably just being dumb. I didn’t do that originally because I thought if I clicked on it it would be to overwrite the game I clicked on, not realizing it would give me a list of places in the game to overwrite. Thanks for your help.