I don't get my coins from my dev product purchase

Hello again, I’m working on a game and i have a way to buy currency through ui. You are able to buy the products but you don’t get any money in return, can anyone help me fix my issue. I can provide screenshots of the code and what not.

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post the code, we cant rly do anything without it

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script from ServerScriptService, Script - Roblox Studio (gyazo.com)

script from one of the buy button things: LocalScript - Roblox Studio (gyazo.com)

my currency is Coins

would i try that in the LocalScript in the buy buttons or the SSS one?

nevermind, dont look at my reply.
also what is the ProcessReceipt function for?
i cant see you use it anywhere.

idk, i attempted to watch a tutorial but it didnt really help

actually i think that part is where you actually buy the coins

someone told me its because you cant have more than 1 ProcessReceipt

try inserting this script into server script service:
if it doesnt work, let me know what does the console say

function ProcessReceipt(receiptInfo)
insert the prompt process function
local mps = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")
    if info.isPurchased == true then
        local promptinfo = {}
        promptinfo.PlayerId = info.player.UserId
        promptinfo.ReceiptId = info.assetId

maybe try making the function into a pcall not sure about that but try it

I would recommend reading MarketplaceService.ProcessReceipt

It has a thorough explanation of ProcessReceipt as well as an example (with code) that you can easily replicate for your case.

would that go at the end? either way beginning or end it had error lines

make a new script in the server script srevcie

i didn’t get my robux pemium payouts

it wasnt much cause i dont have many big games

i think you should make a new topic, also check your groups funds (if you have a group)

  1. this isnt the place for that
  2. it takes 12 days to get any funds/robux from roblox

oh ok
thanks i didn’t know that

someone helped me fix it, thank you though

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