I forgot about a plugin that could be used for this, can anyone remind me if they know?

Hey there!
I was looking for some reference pictures on the internet to build a medieval house and found this:
I want to recreate it but while inspecting this image I found that the bricks of the pillar could get round using a plugin.

What I mean by that is that if you look carefully at this image:
In the circle there is a pillar and some bricks blending into the circular type pillar.

I remembered I could use a plugin to do that but I’ve forgot which one it was.

Does anybody know about that plugin? Please help if you do!

Archimedes is commonly used to create curved designs.


I have that plugin but its not the one I’m looking for. The plugin I am looking for was where you select a part or decal and hover it to a curved object like a hill or cylinder part and the part that was hovered would turn the shape it was hovered onto.

Like mirror a part? Try Stravants model reflects Stravant - Model Reflect - Roblox not sure if that’s the one or what your talking about, however hope it helps

Maybe you meant to F3X plugin?

Hi, its neither F3X nor Stravant, its a plugin where u select a part and move it to another curved or uneven surface, the plugin is made so that once u hover the selected part over the uneven surface, the part takes the shape of the uneven surface and adjusts accordingly.

use unions for this, no plugin needed

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I would keep away from unions. Unions add excessive poly to the most basic objects. Unions are associated with degraded performance.