I found another way to make water

so i found a way to make real water and idk if anyone else did this before but it was fun to make and I want to know what people think about it…giphy (2)


It would help if you posted an image/gif/video of your creation, otherwise we can’t give feedback based on just text…


oh crap i forgot to attach the gif XD

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Ok i just added the gif lol my bad

I assume its a mesh and you are changing its ID very quickly. I wonder the performance impact of this, probably isn’t good, and will probably cause bad fps drops on lower end devices especially if using this method in large scale. But I will give you a thumbs up for creativity :smile:

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How did you accomplish this? Did you use a mesh or something else?

it actually runs really smooth and my fps never dropped once

Could you link the game I want to test it out and see if it would run on my crappy device.

later i will test it on a large scale
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it uses 12 layers of meshes and then a script to animate it

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Game is private

No need to reply to both of us btw just use@Bloxrrey

lol i forgot i just made it public tho

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It runs perfectly, and my PC is a lower end one. However, it’s as slow as something out of an old game.

yeah im working on that rn but thx lol i wonder what it will do at a larger scale

I would like to know how did you make that? I’m curious about that, thanks for reading.

it uses 12 meshes and a script that animates it

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Haha, looks pretty cool! Keep up the great work! :+1:

I tested this on a low end device.

No fps drops even at full graphic quality.

One problem… the animation is very choppy. If only it was smoother…


thanks, I will, i’m planning on making it so you dont stand on it