I got concerns when nobody plays my game when I completed making an action-adventure game in the future

Hello guys, I’m making a group game called Legion City in my roblox development studio, DCrystal IRD. Legion City is an action-adventure game that is similar to Jailbreak and GTA games but with more features that the players dreamed of like robbing many local stores or a laboratory, not few places that Jailbreak has to give us to rob, and making it more realistic by having a player entering in a car animation when a player wants to enter the car, ability to jump fences that are taller than a player but not too tall, using animations when a player use anything like opening a door, and I don’t really want to add heroes as my game does not have superheroes and is not a superhero theme game like Mad City.

While I was developing Legion City, I faced issues and concerns that when I completed making an action-adventure game that I worked hard for many years and released to the public, many people like 50,000 people or even 1,000 people will not play it despite my game, Legion City has high-quality GUI, realistic animations, bigger map than Jailbreak, have weapons that don’t position awkwardly like Jailbreak and many years of development put into the game, A long time ago, back in April 2017, Jailbreak was released today and there are like 15k people started playing and I don’t really know who is asimo3089 and badcc back then, I’m really clueless of how their game is very big and Skyblock is a game and it hit like 70k players on Beta release but then I don’t know who is SnickTrix or Easy.gg is, is he famous back then? I know that people will say that they might not play because of my game that is not optimized, Legion City used StreamingEnabled and many ways to optimize my Legion City group game and testing the game on my Samsung Galaxy A50, midrange phones, low-end phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to make it smoother to play with low graphics quality.

Should I be worried that many players will not play because they didn’t know that my game has more features and has a high-quality standard game or you can ask me advice on what should I do when I’m in this kind of situation?


If you believe in your own game’s quality, it shouldn’t be a problem. You know Rogue Lineage (the one that costed 350 robux to enter)? It took a while before it finally spreads its quality to the community, making it a “Sleeper’s Hit” (minimal advertising and slowly getting player base). If people find quality, they should spread the word themselves, asking friends to play a “wow, a better game than Jailbreak!”, something like that.
All and all, you shouldn’t really worry if you trust your game’s quality and if you want extra step to make sure, probably do some small advertisings and/or even ask youtubers to review it


But the whole issue is that many people spam emails to YouTubers and I have no way to communicate with them to review my game because I’m not really a huge success or a famous developer.

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You can try to search for small youtubers that play the same genre as the game (like around 100-ish subscribers), or if not, social media advertising. There’s a lot of ways to be honest, just find the one that fits you and your budget

Agreed. Something to add is that overnight success stories are built on a lifetime of work. If you find enjoyment in what you’re doing then success will allow you to keep doing it.

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Yeah, thanks for your motivation, My development group, DCrystal IRD is kinda small and it will take years to complete on my own.

The solution to this problem is to email as many youtubers as possible. Once one (no matter how unknown) makes a video on your game, it will be much easier to get others to do the same

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We’ve seen by games like skyblock and jailbreak that relatively unknown developers can easily be put into the spotlight with a high-quality game. If your game is good enough, then it will succeed because it is a game’s traits and not a developer’s fame that makes it succeed.


oh, you are trying to make it? That’s good, I have a roblox development group that you can join and everyone else can join to make games. What are you making? please pm me.

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