I have 10k ready to advertise, how should I spend it?

I have created an ad with a pretty good CTR that also gets me a decent amount of players. I’m wondering if it is wiser to spend 5k over two days or 10k in one day, or maybe something different.


Try 4k first and then look at stats, including retention and if it’s good then bump the advertising price up. Don’t make the mistake I did and blow 10k on a game where you haven’t studied an ample amount of players as a sample because you will see an influx of players and they won’t come back. Save your money.


I’d actually say do 2k every day for 5 days.


On a scale of how many days would you like to sponsor / advertise?

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I’ll try this, I have already done a sample run.

I would tell you my secret formula:

do 100 bux day one (Check if your add get enough clicks percent)
Do 500 next day. (see if it has enoug clicks ratio again)

Now go 2000 a day.

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100 and 500 will do nothing because of the low price. You will get low ctr, and you will probably stop.
I suggest going with what logimite said, or you could run 3000 the first day, 1750 the next 4 days.

I will explain my math.

What if you get shown 100 times and clicked once.

Percentage is 1%

What if you get shown 1000 times and clicked 10 times.

Percentage is 1%

Why want this?
Well you know your clickpercentage.
If its too low… you need to update your ad or thumbnail.

If you spent 5000… and find out that there was something wrong with ad or thumbnail… you wasted robux.

This strategy works for me.