I have a big problem with devex

Hi everyone!

I’m making this because i don’t know what to do regarding the DEVEX.

I sended almost 3/4 devex requests but all got rejected for the reason “Not Elegible”.

Some friends of mine, asked me if i got an email for registration on tipalti, but never got a email for that.

That’s why i decided to make an email to the Devex team,

First email? They didn’t even responded me.
Second email? I got a response asking “Can you please provide us with a screenshot of the work you have done to receive the payments?” I provided all of the screenshot and everything and? They didn’t replied.
I sended another email and still again didn’t responded me.

I waited almost 3 weeks each one and clearly i don’t know, i’m getting ignored.

So i don’t know really what to do, and i’m tired of sending emails and stuff.


it sounds like they’re doubting the legitimacy of where your funds came from. Maybe the source isn’t reputable?

It’s really strange that they doubt the legitimacy of my funds. They are literally all Premium Payouts, and a bounch of Gamepasses from my game. Only that.

But still they don’t want to respond my emails, i just want to know if i can get the devex or not.