I have a few likes left today?

After I liked a topic as of today, June 25th, 2019 around 11:45 AM PST, this message popped up.
Here are two questions regarding this:

  1. Do members (both New Members and Members) have a limited amount of likes?
  2. Is this to prevent spam?

There’s an obvious reason; we prevent spam of mass-liking posts across the forum. Not sure about the impact of loose restrictions of that.

I am very uncertain how many likes you can give out per day. Can someone send us an answer?


Discourse’s trust level page explains the like limits.

You can also probably find some more documentation on it, but I’m unable to find it now on account I’m using my phone.


Those are the base limits, so they come with the forum. However, those can be changed by forum admins by going to the trust level settings in the site css settings and modifying the number for the like limits on each trust level.

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Yes, for all trust levels, resets daily. There are similar limits for other forum actions.

It is to prevent abnormal forum behavior, whether automated or not, yes.

We will not disclose values of any limits and we ask that you do not attempt to list them either. Normal forum behavior should not be impeded by these limits 99.9% of the time.