I have a few questions on how the server and client works

First question, When a model is inside of the player and that model has a humanoid will it act just like the player, as in if you play an animation using its humanoid others can see it despite it being played on the client.

Second question, You can use a local script to teleport the player by changing the cframe and position of their humanoidrootpart, will it work for the same for a model that is inside of that player

Last Question, you can alter the player’s physics locally using body movers such as “Body Velocity”. Can you alter other players’ velocity, gyro and position from the client, if not can it work with models inside of the player’s character.

First question: Yes, if anything is inside the Character it will be replicated.

Second question: Yes, again.

Third question: No. It has to be inside of your character and has to change stuff for your your character, so it will not replicate if you set another character’s physics. Also, yes you can do it with models inside the character.

A general rule is if it is in the localplayer’s character and if it is changing stuff inside of the localplayer’s character, then it will replicate just like a server script.

I hope this answers your questions, let me know if it does!

Thank you soo much this helps alot!

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