I have a question about a infra sounds

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    So I have question? Is it allowed to use different infra sound frequencies in order to make the player feel discomfort or/and fear? So I am making a horror game and when googling around on how to make perfect sound effects and looking through different studies by different research institutes. I found that a infra sound with the hz frequency can make a person feel discomfort and fear. I would like to use this to my game as a sort of a effect so the player feel fear when played. As that is the my goal with my horror game.
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    The issue here is if this is allowed to mess peoples moods by using infra sounds that wont be possible to hear. But can effect their brain and feelings.
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    Adding warnings and make sure they are okay with all this before playing.

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Even if this is allowed, good luck. Most headphones and speakers have a hard time dealing with below 30Hz.

I was about to say this was not allowed, but I remembered that rule was for Roblox China and potentially Xbox. This is allowed on mobile and computer, but as I said, the desired effect probably won’t work well if at all.

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Yeah but as always the better the equipment the better the experience.