I have a weird error on studio in which the properties of the part is not correct

Hi, I have an error where I am not able to change the color of the part and the meshpart and also I do not have the property where I can input the meshID or textureID. Please tell me how to fix this as I am not able to build anything because of this glitch.
Uploading: image.png…
As you can see, I do not even have the “Double Sided” property.

The image you provided is very cropped, could you provide an image including the entire properties tab as well as the object you are selecting?


You cant do anything about it.
unless go change size part in blender more than 0.01
Mesh will be invisible because it broke

About origin orientation. Try press f on that part yet?
Press F it will go to locate where part locate

The mesh isn’t small, in fact I haven’t attached any mesh. The mesh part doesn’t even have the option to input meshid and textureid.