I have created Lightsabers!

As of last week I watched every episode of The Skywalker Saga, and I wanted to recreate the Lightsabers.

List from left to right:
Light Side, Jedi, Battle Jedi, Dark Side, Kylo Ren’s Saber


They look pretty noice! I feel like you need to make the lightsabers a put thinner and longer.


Adding special rays would make this look awesome!

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Why don’t you use Beams to make the light?

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Beams wouldnt look good for something like this, theyre 2D and lightsabers are usually 3d. Id recommend doing what @AustnBlox suggested, making them thinner and longer


add more detaial maybe use blender uts better also those sabers kinda thiqq

What about Darth Maul’s saber…

Darth Maul…what about Mando’s darksaber

Make them both I guess. I was just pointing out you missed some lol