I have no idea why my memory is so high in my game

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Remember to unconnect all your connections (things that you connected via event:Connect(function() end)) using :Disconnect.

Also, anchor parts when you don’t need them to be affected by physics! It should improve performance a lot as lots of your memory is being taken up by PhysicsParts.

There is a significant amount of memory for Instances, do you build up instances?
i.e forgetting to destroy unused guis

Did you create parts and forget to destroy them (throwing the parts off a cliff makes them automatically be destroyed). Also, if you’re making parts, it’s a good idea to put the parts in a newly created model, and then set that model’s parent to the workspace after all model’s children’s properties have been set (this prevents server to client replication from occurring more times than necessary). Not doing this could potentially cause a replication to occur every time you set a property of a part (color, velocity, etc.)