I just released my first game. Any feedback would be appreciated

Hello everyone!
I have just finished and released my first project. It is a simple “horror” game. Anyways, I found it unplayable in single player (sorry for this), but despite that, I am happy with the result.
Link: Parking Lot [NEW] - Roblox


Solid fun game, 7/10.

You should add a bit more levels and speed or something that can boost the player to fast for like 2 seconds or something. (Don’t really know how to put it lol)

But overall it’s definitely a game I would play with my friends.

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Thanks! This is something I was hoping for :smile:! I will think about the speed boost for sure.

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Its a really fun game, but I noticed an issue. When you hide in a car but the monsters are touching the door on your side, you can still die.


Thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix it.

The game was impossible for me because all the monsters camped the exit. They would only move towards me when I got close, and I couldn’t cheese them with the cars. Interesting concept; you should definitely flesh it out more!


Thanks for the feedback!
I fixed the problem like this:

  • There are 2x more cars
  • You have to be closer to the monsters to make them spot you
  • The monsters walk randomly and don’t go back to the Exit
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You should make them walk longer, like before turning a different direction, because they’re all near a specific section now.
Good game by the way! It’s challenging, but not too easy.