I made 2 GUIs and I got warned for it is something wrong with this?

I was making some GUIs for my game and the first 2 GUIs was with the old roblox logo

I dont know what was wrong with this .


I am really not sure but i guess because it is copyright? did u get it from google?

No I made it I was using the coin from toolbox and I put on the green screen for edit after.

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Maybe it is because you took it from Toolbox

the coin is old I dont think the coin have copyright.

Try making your own coins or drawing your own. Also try replacing the word robux with the robux icon. Usually when you write Robux in roblox chat so it will tag it.

I upload after the same thing and I dont got warned.

That isn’t the problem, you can use any item from the toolbox (if its public) for your thumbnails or any game.


maybe the text wasn’t clear enough? try a different font

try removing the robux text too

It was very likely the robux part, for some reason when it’s a currency image it gives a warning, at least for me, so I just make texts using text labels on Studio itself.

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It looks like its x credits for x robux!