I made a gfx (at least I tried)

Hi, I made this this gfx and can you rate it out of 10? I tried something at least. Ty.

Here the gfx comes.:


How much samples did u used for render? Try to render it with 250 samples in cycles

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Can I ask what is a “sample”? Cuz I’m new at this gfx and probably never doing again

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Have u been not using blender.

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A sample is uhh basically the quality of the render was the “Grainy” greyish black background ment to be like that? Or did you want it to be just greyish black with no grain? If so i can teach you how to so called “Denoise”

Also so far the render is looking good although the gun clipping into the arms is a bit weird but i dont really know how to fix that either lol good GFX for ur first time.

Hes probably new to blender and tried out some GFX or has been using blender but hasnt rendered anything and just has been using it for modeling and stuff.

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Yeah I’m using blender for modeling and not for gfx. Just wanted to try something else lol

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honestly add some text and it is pretty good

Good job! Rig looks good, but the gun looks absolutely straight. Make it face a little down so its more realistic, add a few effects to the background since it looks like a carpet texture, but it looks good anywho, remove the white light as it kind of looks strange. or try make it blend a bit by softening the edges more

Then what are you rendering this in?

To be completely honest, this looks pretty good for like a start!

this 9/10 would be 10/10 if the white dropshadow was gone.