I made a new project pls feedback!

hey devs, i made a new game about the game:
so the game name is cart ride(hallowen) it´s a version of hallowen like yea there is zombies.

the game was hard to make, cuz i needed to figure out what to add that stuff but give me some feedbacks like if you also don´t like it still give me some ideas what to add or what to delet, that would help!
(4) cart ride (hallowen) - Roblox

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Hello @zahra_y735,
I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I do not think that this game could do much, as the only thing you do is ride in a cart, which doesn’t even stay on the rails, while zombies, that can’t even reach you try aimlessly to jump at your cart. Here are a few improvements you could make for your game:

  • Don’t use only free models (Be creative, invent)
  • Give the players a weapon to let them fight the zombies
  • Put the zombies on the rail, and at the very least give the players a bit of a challenge.

Oncemore, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


There’s a lack of challenges and there’s no point if the zombies stay on the ground. Players should also be able to fight them and not just ride on a wagon, which after all doesn’t stay on the rails. Try to find help from builders and developers, better yet hire them. The game was still fun to play. :smiley:


uhm, its not a fighting game yea i made those zombies to scare ppl if they riding the cart its like a hallowen, version noot rlyy a fighting game but would be cool!

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Sadly I think your project needs much more work. There’s nothing wrong with using free models but try adding some original content too.

The cart doesn’t stay on the track, you forgot to loop the music so it randomly ends, the screen UI is overlapping, and your camera manipulation seems rushed (it points your camera in weird tilted directions). The zombies aren’t optimized for performance, there’s no proper debounce for the carts (you can spawn multiple carts in even if there’s already a cart there, this causes glitches), the UI scaling needs work, there’s z-fighting on the stairs, the lack of proper grammar in the UI is off-putting.

In my opinion, the carts need to have their physics completely overhauled.

Consider adding content for replayability.

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the game is sucks ik, i just made that for fun lol!