I made a new RPG,

It is called “Lost Kingdoms RPG” and its in Beta v1.0, so there are a lot of bugs and glitches. Though, I have been working with FromLegoUniverse to fix these problems. I would like you to go there and tell me what you thing of it! Link- Lost Kingdoms RPG

Pretty cool so far. I’d recommend de-powering the enemies and making the maps a lot larger. Possibly do client-side hit detection as well? I kept getting killed by things that were five studs behind me. The maps could also stand to have a bit more lighting.

Have you thought about checkpoints? It’s a bit annoying to be constantly 3/4 killed by things that are 1/3 your level just trying to get back to the last place you were at.

Also, do you mind giving credit for the leaderboard? I saw you were giving credit to other people in the description and I’d like my work to be appreciated as well.

Very interesting, I must say. I basically agree with Arceus on his points.

What is missing from the main hub?

Made a video regarding Beta V.1.1.

Reminds me of pokemon (the music). :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of the music is from pokemon.