I made a plugin that I would like to sell. Is there anything I can do to be added to the "Selected Group"?

This may be the wrong category for this but this is the one that fits the most imo.

I don’t want to share many details about the plugin but let’s just say it helps you implement color palettes into your games. If anyone has any idea on anything I could do please reply or DM me. Thanks!

I think you must create some very high quality plugin then roblox will notice you and check the plugin scripts, if they’re safe they’ll probably sent you a roblox message if you wish to join the group and make your plugins be paid access.

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Do you have an idea if linking maybe a paypal or something for donations in the plugin desc would be against their ToS?

It would be agaisnt their ToS, of course. (You can not do cross-trading)

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