I made a quick autocombo

I got really bored, and wanted to learn animation. I took some inspiration from revenant from Black Magic 2, not that you’d notice either way. This is the first animation i actually put effort into. Please tell me on what to improve, I know there is a lot lol.

Here’s a quick link, for some reason it’s not showing an embed.

I like the part where the sword start attacking ( or the player is controlling it )

Thanks, I was kind of confused as to how to animate it, and I just gave up and went for a loop of a horizontal then vertical slice animation lol.

try to make the sword thrust at the end have some momentum where it doesn’t abruptly stop but have a very minor pullback, if you can try not to create keyframes on the legs as the walking animations won’t work since the animation’s priority is Action which surpasses Idle which most of the default animations use

by the way, the physical punching itself could use some anticipation and consistency in speed, tension (light hits will require less momentum and anticipation viceversa for heavy hits), you should slowly reset the arm’s position of the NPC while the sword is attacking because it snaps quickly

Okay, I’ll try those. Thanks for the tips, although I’m probably not gonna be making a real autocombo meant for a game very soon lol