I made a quick little house

Beginner builder here! I’ve just finished building a quick little house with not much details, I’m not that experienced with building but I am looking forward into becoming an experienced builder, tell me your thoughs on this and tips for my future builds!


Awesome first try! I would try turning the cobblestone to brick, make the roof all the same colors except the edge, which should be black… add windows, make the door have details

For the windows in the properties window, set the reflection to “1”… makes a kind of semi-realistic window type.


Can’t we use F3X building tools to make holes to then make windows? or I just have to wrap parts around and form a hole with them to then make a window

Also I was going for a medieval type house, and im happy with the result.

It is great for one of your first builds, although you will surely continue to get better over time.
For tips on improvement to your build, here are a few:

  • Have the roofing plain, don’t add those gem-like front features.
  • Add detail to the door, add handles and borders.
  • Add windows, you can reference of the internet for areas.

Very nice! I recommend using texture packs to boost the detail! Nice build :+1:t2:


I’d suggest if your going for this kind of old, medieval housing style with usually lots of detail you should before hand find some reference images… Personally sometimes they boost my motivation and allow for lots of room for expansion and creativity however just for a base to start on. I say it is good for a quick attempt but for improvements try and focus on smaller details as they make it count. Good luck in your development!