I made a really powerful advanced framework and i'm worried

I’m worried that one of the devs will steal it and make their own game with it.

I’m looking for ways to protect my work because this framework is kind of like knit or something really really powerful.

It bridges the gap between backend and frontend and allows you to make combat skills in under 10 minutes.

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You can just DMCA them, roblox apparently takes it really seriously if you take people’s scripts and such. Else just obfuscate it with a check that this is the right game/place id else and have a discord webhook or something else just warn you.

host your own express server and serve the obfuscated code into a loadstring

How can i detect that someone is using my script in their game though?

I would love it if roblox had like some id tag hidden in the script to indicate that im the original source.
That way like if someone stole my scripts idk. I guess we just need a tag system.

Because i worked extremely extremely hard to come up with my framework

Use a webhook for guilded or discord, though if it is not obfuscated or httpservice is not enabled it will not work. What you can do is only make the script work if httpservice is enabled and make the code look unreadable (obfuscate it).

Yes this is also a great idea that i’ll consider.

But then if a script is running in a loadstring then cant someone access it?
Like they do unloadstring. idk.

Also i had the idea of making a unique key on the express server.
So that way i’d have to give someone the key in order for their loadstring to work otherwise it alerts me that someone has attempted unahtorized access

They can literally print the code out and copy paste it else where instead of actually loadstringing it. Like I said obfuscating it is basically the only way to make it work.

(As in they can replace loadstring with print even just in your game without stealing it and they can copy paste it somewhere else)

  1. Just have an if statement that checks the gameId & placeId make sure not to write the gameId/placeId or the property names directly out so that you cannot CTRL + F find it.
  2. Obfuscate it if you have the ability to, this will make it impossible to remove the if statement check.