I made a rig, want feedback on it!

Yo!! :smile:

Recently, I’ve gotten much more motivated to do Blender stuff, so I made a little rig of one of my avatar outfits as practice. It turned out so well that I wanted to rig it, which was a nightmare figuring it out on my own so I had a friend help me out, and now I can pose him however I want to!

I’d like to know what you guys think of this. Thanks!


Here’s an image of the model as well as a couple of renders I made with it.


Little bonuses, hehe.


Looks nice! you can try to add more details but overall, great work :smile:

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you can try rigging the hands aswell for more detail in animations that include hand movement! otherwise, this looks really great and is way better than what i could do (haven’t tried rigging yet)

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This looks great! I love the overall concept (up the QA)! Also hi :slight_smile:

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The hands actually do have movement! The end part of them can move, same with the thumbs.

Thank you though!

I was going to add more detail in the form of a puffer jacket or tie, but I finished the model late at night and decided to call it a day, haha. Maybe I’ll revisit it later on.

Thank you for your feedback, though!