I made a simulator map thoughts?

Sorry im not sure how to take a post down

Really great simulator map. Looks like pet simulator. I rate it a 9/10 and try to sell it for 5k-20k robux.


He isn’t selling anything? He’s asking for feedback on a build; so his posts are not concerned as spam.

The only thing wrong about this post is your no longer allow to ask how much you should sell an asset for. Don’t make posts like yours if you don’t know what your saying, lol.

Looks amazing dude, keep up the work


He edited the post. Please don’t jump to conclusions and call me out for it.

Please dont make posts if you dont know what you are saying. lol

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Your a legend! I love your plugins and work thank you so much!!

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I did edit it so more people don’t get mad

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I like the style and theme of the map! I would suggest adding variation in the trees instead of duplicating them around the map and there seems to be a few empty spots throughout the map I would consider filling them out with other types of models. Try to add more branches on the trees at different heights and angles with leafs that are rotated and sized differently as they all hold the same similar design try to make 3 variety of trees.

Your map looks very neat on the other hand! I would suggest adding some more detail because it looks plain in my opinion. If I’m not mistaken will there be shops buildings? Try adding some, grass and shrubs in some corners, rocky paths, mushrooms, ect. Overall it’s a decent map

Asking for prices on my build isn’t allowed I would recommend editing your post so other people are aware.


Looks really good, But I recommend adding some sort of style/vibe to the map to make it even better and unique. You should also add some more detail to the environment like some scattered rocks or flowers/plants (relating to your simulator). Keep up the good work though!

He isn’t asking for a price, nor is he attempting to sell it. He simply want’s feedback on this map, which is done by many other Developers and is not breaking the rules.

You should probably read my previous posts before you decide to reply to me. Can be critical in situations like these.

I don’t personally like simulators given how unoriginal they usually are. Given how they all do the same thing just slightly differently in most cases.

But the map looks good; great work.

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I apologize, I only read your first two replies. I hope we can both settle to an agreement and move on. Very immature of me to do.


I like it a lot. It looks very pretty. And the colors are good too

Hello, slightly right, to be more specific an alt of slightly right, thx for trying to make robux out of my map, someone lost 10k for you stealing my MapS!


I like the map. Keep up with the good work! :smiley:

I knew I had seen that map before! Well good thing you called him out then.

Btw, I love your maps and your a inspiration for me! :grin:


he sold he map to a guy for 10k Robux, is using an alt to dont get hate on his main, ( main is SlightlyRight ) Stole a wip showcase ( +14 hours of work ) and like said sold my stolen map for 10k Robux.


Damn man, that must be annoying get your map stolen, which are really nice, and then being sold…

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These looks fantastic, if I had made this, I’d sell it more than 10k to 15k :robux_gold: