I made a small showcase game. Rate it please


Yes. I know that it has some free models but dont judge since im planning to remove them sometime.
also tell me what to improve.


I would improve the lighting, try to make the lighting distance bigger and the brightness less. Yes, I can clearly see you used a free model on the trashcan. When i walked up to it I lost my hat and all my other accessories. The black part at the back is all completely non-collidable. The neon parts can be a big jaring if they do not give off any light. Try adding lights to them and matching the color or playing around with the bloom effect to make it look like the neon parts have some light coming off of them. Other than that, it looks pretty good.

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Yeah. Im planning to remove the entire model or remove the script. Thanks for the feedback! (It was originally a scene but I decided to change it)

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