I made a toolbox game (a game made from free models and stuff)

I’m currently working on this game: Shooters [Remade!!] - Roblox
I need help give me some feedback guys! :slight_smile:


Hope you like it :blush:
I will upgrade the things but I want to see your opinions

The game you linked isnt a “toolbox game”. It is shooter game with buildings that are free models.

Found in toolbox lol obviously

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Oh I get it lol. Sorry about the misunderstanding :sweat_smile:

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No problem bro but is it good?

It is pretty good for a game completely out of free models. You could improve the lighting a bit and thats it.

For the buildings? Or for the world like the guns or the sky?

I mean the sky not the pointlights for the buildings

Oooohhhhh I get it thanks :slight_smile: I’ll do it and I’ll create my own building

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If you spam crouch you go under the road.

Then why you spamming stop spamming ok? That’s the solution

I was just reporting a bug, if you weren’t interested my bad then.

(just to fill the character limit)