I made a treadmill

here’s an ordinary treadmill

feedbacks are welcome here


Looks pretty ordinary. The sound effects hurt my ears a little, like the smashing of the cubes. But its a cool concept, nice job :slight_smile:

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That was one ordinary treadmill.

Really like the concept lol, I wonder what its for.

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This treadmill isn’t ordinary…you are missing the safety key!
Definitely a safety violation :warning:

Anyways, effects are spot on, particles, GUI, effects, and the ending. Map can be improved but what’s missing the most is the foot step noises! Feels odd seeing the walk but no foot steps. Also the leaning while holding the powerup feels a bit odd as well.

Love your work @thienbao2109 especially with muffin kombat and the FE Gun kit with I’m using (mostly for the particle effects and sounds also for scripting reference) looking forward to see more of it in the future.


i took a freemodel twisted racing map submission from library and used it as placeholder. regardless of that, i made my own map that is a hybird of town of robloxia and kartrider (the game outside of roblox); and the new map is being built in the future (this time will be inspired by popular/classic team fortress 2 community map, dm_mariokart)

the engine sfx was too “loud” that it covered foot step sfx

i will add holding animation at some point, but not this time

your appreciation means a lot to me and it boosts my motivation on passionate development. thank you

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