I made a tree need some feedback

so there are many types of trees there are many ways to make trees
but i went for a roblox style tree what i mean by that is i made a mix of realistic and those plasticy
simulator ones i think it came out well please tell me how to improve


Hi, This tree is not quite the best and there are a couple of things you can improve:

  • First of all, all branches and leaf (cubes??) are the same size. This is extremely noticeable, and some variation in sizes would definitely improve your tree.
  • Secondly, your tree is not really detailed and not as varied as trees you would find in real life. Your branches, for example, are all connected in one place with no smaller branches further down the trunk. Your leaf cubes are too cuby and you should add more cubes to give them a more visually appealing and round look.

Detailed leaves comparison

No Go:


More detailed:


  • Thirdly, you would need to make more than one tree for game usage, as an entire forest made of only this tree, would look very repetitive.

Just to comment on your thoughts behind this tree, realistic and plasticy simulator are two completely different styles. If you are going for a realistic style, I would recommend adding some more detailed textures to your tree. If you are going for a simulator style, I would recommend adding some brighter colors to your tree.


thank you i agree i did do alot of things wrong with my tree thats why i came for support