I made an obby that generates infinitely. Is it too hard? Feedback appreciated

This is the game. Give it a try and let me know what you feel <3


from what i can see is that if one person dies the entire thing restarts, is this intentional?
also if you die, a message appears congratulating you how you suck at the game, why?
and what is that thing over there to the right or back?

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The game is not difficult, but I assume that’s because of the targeted audience’s standard; however, you could add more interesting and unique obstacles to separate it from other obby games on the platform. I can see the game is in its early stages, so whatever is going on in the back can be overlooked for now, but I recommend hiding it in the future. You could also consider adding obtainable items and various other rewards for getting far in the game, as aside from leaderstat score, there isn’t much of an incentive for replayability. I’ve seen this idea before, but I’m sure that with enough time and effort, this can become a great game.

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