I made funny little machines. Wanting feedback on them!

Hello! This is my first proper post on the DevForums, so apologies if I’m doing anything wrong.

I built some neat little machines for a map I’m building, and I’d like some feedback on them!
Here they are:


Cool made keep it up i like it sorry but i have to type random things so i can reach the limit of spelling


Very nice looking, nice colors and good detail is what makes yours stand out. Maybe something to improve on might be to is on the last picture the middle thing in between the lasers looks a bit bland from what I think is trying to be a rock. But that should be a easy fix but overall nice job.

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Thank you for the feedback! Will definitely try to improve the lasers.

The lasers look fine but the black block thing in between them looks a bit bland.

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I’ll probably try adding some kind of vortex effect into it. Thanks again!