I made my own point giver!

Any suggestions and opinions would be nice!.


Its a simple project i worked on.

Maybe make a icon for when the mouse clicks to make it look better by getting the mouse and changing the icon!

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Great idea! ill make sure to add it!

Nice job for a beginning I guess! I wish you good luck on futher projects.

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Maybe do If you press the blue thing over your mouse will pop up a text lable like +100 wich moves up in random positions. Idk how to explain

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You can make a simple cash giver UI by:

  1. Create a ScreenGui under StarterGui
  2. Add a Frame to ScreenGui, experiment with Anchor, Position & Size
  3. Add a TextBox to the Frame and set Visible to false (unticked)
  4. Insert a new line before the end) statement:
player.ScreenGui.Frame.TextBox.Visible = true -- show the text box
player.ScreenGui.Frame.TextBox.Text = "+10"   -- update the text
player.ScreenGui.Frame.TextBox.False = true -- hide the text box

It is feedback to the player like this that lifts a game. If you get the above working, then try tween so the text box rises and fades away

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