I made some of my first animations, I usually script. How do they look?

Hey, how do these animations look? Any criticism is welcome!!


Your animations are simple and classic. I like them!


For someone who has no experience with animating, its pretty good. However the animations are too linear (robotic) and the animation where the rig spins the staff is very awkward. I recommend using Easing Styles like Quad. but pretty good for your first animations


Thanks, I’ll look into using easing styles in animations

I like them, if you did not say I would not be able to tell you just started making them.

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These are actually really nice! Depending on the style of game you’re going for, these could really add to the theme of the game! Looks great!

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If these are your first animations… Well done! You are off to a fantastic start, especially working with tools which not a lot of beginners can do too well. The only criticism I can give is mostly the legs. However, legs are quite challenging to animate in R6. I highly recommend making the switch to R15 before you get too comfortable with R6. Obviously keep on practicing with R6 but you should definitely learn R15 animation because it really adds a whole 'nother level of quality to an animation, especially with tools!

Well done! Keep on working at it I have no doubt you will become a master. :))

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The ones that appear to be attacks don’t seem to strike with much force, and the spin should slow down as it goes on, eventually stopping. Otherwise they look pretty good to me.

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how do they look? bad
just kiddingg but seriously the need easing for them to have life, and for spinning things the hand should move too, and all the body parts should move

too simpleandbasic, you need better,
you will improve ig everyone does mine were like this at the start as well

tldr: too linear

These are pretty good for your first animations but there is no life in it move other body parts also to linear

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cheers, the game I’m working on fits the r6 theme for now, though


thanks, I’ll try make my next anims look more realistic/lifelike


These are great, however, as stated above, it is too linear with not much detail.
Do you use Animation Editor? Because AE sucks, I heavily recommend Moon Animator, it has many options for more smoother animation
pssst, if you highlight some key frames and press 7 you can change the tween style

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Those are some solid animations, especially given that they are your first. Nice job.

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They look really good! I think you could use easing to smoothen out the animations and make them look a tad better.

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I was using moon animator for these, I heard it’s much better as you say

o yeah, forgot to mention
moon animator on top

Well done on your first animations

Like others already said its robotic and stuff thats just normal when you make your first animations

Keep up the good work

Blender on top

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