I made this city game with some help of some friends, its no where near done. What do you guys think

It has a realistic economy, you cant make money without people working and you cant have working without houses. I’m going to add cars that drive on the roads , I making a path finding system in the mean time. This is just a rough draft the the pre-release game.

I would like if you were able to play it when you have the chance but based off of this explanation what do you think of it?


really cool concept, I would definitely play this.

also when I try to click a different kind of house to place the base plate becomes insanely bright

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Ill fix that, when you played it did you find any more bugs?

Its an interesting concept, but I think you need to fix the UI and do some bug fixing.

The roblox icon blocks the money and for some reason what Im building is in the sky

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I fixed both of those issues in the latest patch.

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Okay, good. I am excited to see the success of this game

The only hard part is the pathfinding, I can’t figure out what to use A*, or another algorithm. Do you have any suggestions?

I’m pretty sure roblox has its own built in pathfinding service

That did not work as it finds the quickest path but I can’t seem to get it to follow the roads as I can’t set parts to Ignore.

I don’t think you need pathfinding for this, just have the character move down roads randomly

I want them moving to jobs. Then from the jobs at a Certain time I want them to drive home

Well, I think in that case you could try creating tall barrier blocks on the sidewalks of the roads, so that the cars don’t drive over the sidewalks

Yes I’d do that where the pathfinding just decides to run into the wall

Are you sure you are doing that correctly? It should find its way through the maze of walls to the desired location

I’m pretty sure. It’s trying to jump even though it can’t.