I made this obby game but it is infinitely generating. Do you see potential with it?


Don’t have a thumbnail yet but.

I have the code all set up and it generates the obby.

What would make this game better and or profitable?

I think the game has potential, here’s my feedback:

  • On mobile, there’s no shiftlock, you should add that.
  • The game is very repetitive.
  • Maybe make it progressively harder, for example, at 500 distance, add killparts, at 1k distance, add wraparounds, at like…5k distance, add some wallhops…
  • When I joined the game, I was in spectator mode, and after getting out of spectate, the button just…disappeared.

Other than that, I think the game is pretty good.

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Right off the bat, the fact that it’s infinitely generating would probably lead to a lot of dislikes, mostly by 6-9 year olds. They’d get really frustrated that there’s no end. But that is like a 16th of all 6-9 year olds, so, when I say a lot of dislikes, I mean that it kinda ties with the amount of likes. Like @kkkyyaaannn said, the game is repetitive. Another problem I noticed, is that, after some time of being at spawn, it just disappears and you fall to your death. It is still a pretty good game though.

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An endless obby definetely has pontential, but this game feels a little generic.

The concept of an endless obby is good, but there should always be something to work toward, otherwise it gets boring quickly.

Try adding coins or XP that can unlock boosters and powerups. Or have different worlds that can be unlocked, which have different sets of obstacles.

To make the game more profitable you can add gamepasses and dev products for a currency.
Also, maybe adding a “streak”, which would show how many stages a user performed before dying would be more competitive. And you can add a dev product that “respawns” you where you left off, so you dont lose your streak.

If you can do these and make the game look a little fancier than it would be more fun to play!

it disappears because ur meant to move forward

Ah yes, the devforum’s back up. Well, it should probably disappear after the player steps off of it, unless it’s supposed to be pressuring, which now that I think about it, pressuring would probably make the game better.

Just adding my two cents here. If you make the improvements that everyone is suggesting your game can be huge. Great and unique concept. I like the idea.

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