I make Security Tower

I make today The Pinewood Security Tower
I good building and modeling, Look to my Work!

The Pinewood Security Tower

Ammo, Guns

Ammo, Guns


The Office Pinewood


Make the game of 2 months

PST - Pinewood Security Tower


pinewood cc low budget

honestly who would prepare firearms in an office, but ok

the middle door isn’t correctly aligned, the same goes for the three “do not enter” signs
also i can clearly see the wall gap connecting the office doors

the wooden box tilts incorrectly, it’s tilting to the table/crate with a low angle of rotation, technically it won’t make sense if it did that
overall not bad, 6/10

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I will answer the question, weapons are needed because in the office there should be weapons, suddenly some enemy will come out and kill

what if you don’t have a weapon?

What to add to the game tell me?