I need a bit of help with making an anti exploit script

I have made a plan on how I want to do my anti exploit script and I’m about to start writing it but I need to solve a problem first, which is laggy players, aka those players who you sometimes see who are as slow as a snail. If I am not mistaken, that is because their flow of data to the server is really slow causing them to update really slowly on the server.

Here is an example of what my anti exploit will sorta look like for one horizontal axis

if previous_position + speed > 0.26666666666 then
humaniodrootpart.Position = 16
previous_position = humanoidrootpart.Position
wait (in_this_example_a_60th_of_a_second)

If they are laggy, I would need to change the wait time but to what? Also how would I stop the wait delaying other people from being anti teleported because it will run through all players in a for loop?

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I don’t have a direct answer to this, but I would just like to say I wouldn’t rely on this as an anti exploit. Exploiters can always delete your local script. If you are going to do it make sure it’s unexpected and that you disguise the name of the script. Good luck finding an answer to your question!

I’m not using a localscript, this will be serversided.

Alright, good luck finding an answer!

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