I need a list of drones of different style and level

As many of you guys know, my team is developing Drone Simulator, with our microscopic imagination, we need images online, but we are not able to construct a list with that. From most of you that did not read my previous posts here, the drones will need to be sci fi style.

From My understanding of the drones, there are three types: the regular ones (for sale at store, which we do not need) biopunk ones shaped as animals(will some be mid or high level ones) In the Sci fi drones genre there are ones that is cool looking, with lightings and stuff and blaster spaceship style. Another kind with propellers (sci fi shaped one with propellers), in the end, there are ones with steampunk style. There can be more if you can find.

In the list, links of images are really prefered if possible. possibly name of drone, discriptions, and the label of drone.
If you make the perfect list, you will receive name tag in game, robux reward and early access!
Thank you for reading!

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perhaps you might want to consider using a google search for drone in flight and list the items seen in the images provided.

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Yes, I tried before but all drones are the modern 4 propeller style

did you try “images of old drones in flight” or “images of biopunk drones in flight”

I’ll try it, thanks for suggestion!


There are pictures of Sci Fi drones. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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