I need a Mod Panel

About Me
Hi there! I am Intercept1on, I’m looking for a scripter, I want a mod panel with some functions.

About The Mod Panel
I want a mod panel with some functions like this: Ban Player, this need have buttons with days example, 1,3,5 & perm. Also a unban button for unban the player with check function for know if player is banned or not, also the mod panel only can be opened for some ranks, example 13 and 14.

NOTE: It need have logs on discord also need have space for pit The username, the evidence, days for ban or perm.

I’m paying 1.000 to 4.000 robux for it depend of how it is.

Contact Me
You can contact me here on the Developer Forum.

Thanks for reading!

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Hi! I am interested on taking on this project. I have already designed and scripted mod panel for my own game (that I could show you if you need proof or something) so I am confident that I can produce one to fit your game’s needs. We can converse via DevForum DMs or Discord, I do not mind.

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@Intercept1on I suggest that you test mod panels with exploiters to make sure it’s not hackable when you get one. Most custom mod panels are easily hacked by exploiters if your not careful with the methods of creating it.
For example using remotes instead of just using script.


Could you do that? If it can be logged on discord could be nice!

Unfortunately I’m unavailable to assist you. I’ve got a few games to run and projects to complete. Although if you have discord, join the Hidden Developers server and ask there. There is a wide range of developers who would be happy to assist.

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Okay, then do it, follow the request.

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