I need a script, that makes people stay permanently on the team that I put

I need a script, that makes people stay permanently on the team that I put, then when they leave and join they will continue on the team that I put, without having to have someone putting it all the time.


Assuming you want teams to save even when players leave, you may want to consider having a DataStore here. When a player joins the game, attempt to load whatever entry is in the DataStore for their team and set it equal to that. If there is no team stored, put them on the default team. You can change the player’s team in-game and save it each time you change their team and/or save it when they leave so it can be loaded in the future.

Your question has been asked before, 9 days ago, to which you’ve seen. Keep in mind that this category is not dedicated to handing out free scripts. You can copy all the code you want but it is pointless in the long run if you don’t know how it works or what it does.


This is where you lose a lot of potential help. The DevForum is a resource to ask for clarification or specific issues in your code to help you learn; it shouldn’t be used as a script generator.

Your request is too vague anyways and you need to be more specific on what you are trying to achieve. Someone could provide an answer but it may not fit or satisfy your game’s system.

Are you looking to retrieve ranks from a group or are you planning to retrieve “teams” in another way, like a DataStore? If you are using a DataStore, I would follow @Qxest’s outline, but if you are using a group, you can use Player:GetRoleInGroup to retrieve their team.

Please do clarify what you are trying to achieve.


@gameadriel While I agree that everyone needs help with somethings this is scripting support where we help you with your bugs, not do the whole script for you. I would recommend trying this out yourself before asking for help.


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