I need a skilled developer to make models

My game in my profile (The Hardcore Fight Base) currently only uses free models. And i really need help with the models.

Please contact me in discord: Olivia#0198


Sorry i forgot something, please join my group first (Pleas Fan Club) and reply with discord username and id.

Payment, Type of Models <---- information needed


This post is missing a lot of information. Please state what type of modeling do you need, how much are you paying, is there anyone else helping? I would be great to know this so we don’t have to go out of our way to dm you and us possible not having the required skills.

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This post is very vague and not planned at all.

What are you willing to pay?
What type of models do you want the developer to build?
For how long do you want your developer to work?
How many models have to be finished?

Please edit your post, so that it contains answers on these questions, or just simply repost this.

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I’m very sorry. I’ll make another post and make more details, i promise.

I’ll make another post and give more detail. I promise.

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Before you make a recruitment post, check out this topic since it gives you information on how to make a good recruitment post.


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