I need a team for my JoJo Game

About The Game And Me ;-;
Hey My Name is JP_lags, I’m Making A JoJo Game his name is Some JoJo Game! Yes, I Need Help with my game, because it’s so hard work alone, and i gonna talk about the game, well this game is inspired by the Anime/Manga Series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki, the game gonna by the same style of another JoJo games, The Team gonna formed by.

@JP_lags - Onwer
@You - Decal or GUI Artist
@You - Modeller
@You - Some guy to help me with some things on the game
@You - SFX

About The Job

Ok, u can use any platform to do the job, about the modeller u can use some platform that has format obj.


The payment gonna be happend when we release the game or make some server on discord ;-;

My Contact

Well, my contact it’s my discord, JP_lags#4528 and my name on roblox is JP_lags!


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