I need a team for my JoJo game!

About Us

Hi, My name is JP_lags, i am a dev of roblox studio, and im so tired with my job, when say job i want mean making this game, well i just need a team for help me and relax a little bit.

The Team
@JP_lags - Artist
@SomePeople- Modeller
@SomePeople- Some People to help me with others areas of roblox studio

You can see our progress so far here: The New Crusaders [IN DEV] - Roblox](The New Crusaders [IN DEV] - Roblox)

About The Job

Ok, The Job it’s to made things about JoJo on Roblox Studio, well, u can make a sticky fingers or other thing, well if u want put ur model o another thing i need to see to later put in the game


The payment will be made depending on the fame of the game, and if I have robux the payment will be robux.

Contact Us

My Contact it’s on Discord, my name is JP_Dev#4528, and to u be accepted for me, u need to show ur works.
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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